Overhead Garage Storage Ideas & Inspiration

ToppRax is a leading provider of overhead garage installation services, specializing in efficient and innovative storage solutions. With a wealth of expertise in the industry, ToppRax offers top-quality installations tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

ToppRax’s overhead garage storage systems maximize space utilization, allowing homeowners to declutter their garages and create an organized environment. These systems are designed to support heavy loads, ensuring durability and safety. ToppRax offers a wide range of storage options, including overhead racks, shelves, and hooks, providing versatility for storing various items such as sports equipment, tools, and seasonal decorations.

Why Choose ToppRax?

Here are some of the key benefits of wall mounted and ceiling joisted overhead garage storage racks:

Increased Storage Space

By utilizing the wall and ceiling space, you can store more items in your garage and keep them organized and easily accessible.

Easy Accessibility

You can easily access your items stored on these racks without having to dig through piles of clutter on the floor.

Safe & Sturdy

Our racks are wall and ceiling mounted and tested to provide you a piece of mind. Our racks can hold up-to 1000 lbs.


Available in a variety of sizes and designs, so you can choose the one that best fits your garage space and storage needs.

Quick Installation

Our garage storage rack installation process is easy & painless, typically jobs are installed in just a few hours and usable immediately.

Affordable Solutions

We offer the best racks with the most options to customize for your needs at a price that is comparable to cheaper DIY options.

Standard Sizes & Configurations


120 cu ft of additional storage. 1000 lb load capacity.


90 cu ft of additional storage. 1000 lb load capacity.


60 cu ft of additional storage. 600 lb load capacity.


90 cu ft of additional storage. 1000 lb load capacity.

Custom Sizes & Configurations

Double 4’x8’  

Easily add additional storage, perfect for tall garages up to 15' high.

Double 2'x8’ 

Create storage in unusable space. Perfect for tall garages up to 15' high.

Multi Level Racks 

Customizable for any garage shape and height and storage needs.

Center Mounted Racks

Up to 240 cu ft of additional storage. 1000 lb load capacity.

Corner “L” Connected

Our most popular rack installed for homeowners with 2 & 3 car garages

Wall Shelves 

Customizable wall storage shelving. Up to 500 lbs weight capacity per shelf.


Above Garage Door

Up to 240 cu ft of additional storage. 1000 lb load capacity.


Hooks perfect for hanging bicycles, ladders, outdoor gear, gardening tools, strollers and more.

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